What Seats on the Airbus A321 Have the Most Legroom?


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The First Class or Business Class seats on the Airbus A321 have the most legroom. Extra legroom seats in other classes vary according to the airline and the route, but are normally the bulkhead or exit row seats, particularly those where the airline has removed the seats immediately in front.

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For example, seats in exit rows 9,11, 24 and 25 on American Airlines Airbus A321 domestic flights all have extra legroom, but seats 25A and 25F are even more spacious as they have no seats located immediately in front of them. However, the airline's transcontinental A321 has only the seats in row 11 with extra legroom, as half of the cabin is dedicated to First Class and Business Class seating.

The US Airways A321 seating plan offers another configuration in which rows 5, 9, 10, 22 and 23 are extra legroom seats, and seats 10A-C, 10F, 23A and 23F are the most spacious as they have no seats directly in front of them.

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