What Is the Seating Layout of the Airbus A380?


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The Airbus A380 typically includes three rows of passenger seats separated by two aisles on two levels, with the upper deck consisting of business and economy seating and the main deck split between first class and economy. Stairways at the front and rear of the cabin connect the two areas.

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A basic Airbus A830 four-section layout carries 544 passengers. The upper deck holds a business section with 12 rows of two seats each in the center and window sections. At the back are 103 economy seats three to four wide in the center section and two wide in each window section. The lower deck includes 22 first-class suites and a large economy section composed of a four-wide center section and two three-wide window sections.

Airbus offers flexible design choices for its A380, including an all-economy class configuration seating 853 passengers or an upper deck combining business and first class sections emulating a corporate jet. Air France flies an A380 with open suites and a premium economy class with slightly wider seats than in economy. The company's upper-deck economy seats include added legroom.

Emirate Air operates the A380 in three separate versions of a combined first-class, business and economy layout. The airline's business class seats are all convertible to beds. First class offers 14 closed-door suites equipped with chair-to-bed seats and full mattresses extending up to 6 feet 7 inches long. The suites include private wardrobes, vanity tables and mirrors. Passengers traveling together can lower the privacy wall between adjoining suites. Shared areas include a lounge and shower spa.

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