What Is the Seating Configuration of an Embraer RJ-145?


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The 50-seat Embraer RJ-145 aircraft used by many domestic and international airlines has three seats per row, with one seat to the left of the aisle and two seats to the right. The first two rows have only the single seat on the left side.

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The configuration of the Embraer RJ-145 includes 18 rows of seats, with passenger exits located at the front of the cabin and emergency exits located behind row 11. Lavatories are located at the rear of the cabin, behind the last row. Overhead storage is available only on the right side of the cabin and does not accommodate standard roller bags.

The Embraer RJ-145 is used primarily for short-haul domestic flights. Most airlines designate only one class of seating for this aircraft. United Airlines offers two classes, allocating the three seats at the front of the cabin and the three emergency exit seats to Economy Plus class and the remaining 44 seats to Economy class.

Many airlines assign row numbers 1 through 18, or 19 if they skip row 13. United Airlines has configured the Embraer RJ-145 with two different seat-numbering sequences. Configuration V1 numbers the last seven seats 12 through 19, while configuration V2 numbers the same seats 18 through 24. Otherwise, the two United cabin configurations are the same.

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