What Is the Seating Configuration on a Boeing 757?


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The Boeing 757 has a two by two seating configuration for Business class and three by three configuration for the Main Cabin extra seating and Economy class in both the Domestic MCE and International carriers. The Domestic MCE carrier can accommodate 184 passengers, whereas the International carrier can hold 176 people.

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The Domestic MCE Boeing 757 flight has 24 recliner seats from rows one to six that constitute the First Class. These seats have thinner backs, a cradling motion and greater recline angle that increase comfort. The Main Cabin extra seating and the Economy class are made up of 52 and 108 standard seats that run from rows nine to 18 and rows 19 to 36, respectively.

Another less common domestic carrier version of the Boeing 757 has only First and Economy class, made up of 22 recliner seats and 166 standard seats, respectively. The standard seats in this aircraft also feature a cradling motion and afford comfortable knee space and increased reclining angle.

The International Boeing 757 carrier has 16 angle-flat seats from rows one to four. These seats can move forward by 10 inches and have armrests that drop down. The number of standard seats in the Main Cabin extra seating area and Economy class is the same as that in the Domestic MCE flight.

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