How do you find a seating chart for an EMB E90 jet?


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To find a seating chart for an Embraer E190 (E90) jet, visit a flight information site such as SeatGuru.com or SeatMaestro.com, and enter the aircraft's name and airline in the search box on the home page. Airlines, such as American Airlines, normally show passengers the seating plans for their flights during the online booking process. Alternatively, visit the specifications page for the E190 on EmbraerCommercialAviation.com, and click E190 Cabin to download a PDF file showing three different cabin layouts.

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Different airlines fly different versions of the Embraer E190 (E90) jet, which typically carries between 96 to 114 passengers. JetBlue Airways seating plan for the E190 (E90) features 25 rows of economy seating set in pairs around a single aisle. American Airlines' seating plan for the jet shows four rows of first class seating set out in a 1-2 formation followed by 21 rows of economy seating set out in a 2-2 configuration.

Air Canada's seating plan shows three rows of first class seating followed by five rows of extra-legroom seating and 16 rows of standard seating. All seating plans feature restrooms and galleys at the front and rear of the cabin, and a row of extra-legroom seats beside the over-wing exits that passengers can normally reserve for an additional cost.

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