What Are Some Seating Arrangements on a Boeing 777?

Seating arrangements on a Boeing 777 vary based on the specific model of the plane and by airline. British Airways flies both a 777-200 and 777-300, with the 777-300 having three rows of three seats each in World Traveller Class, which is the company's name for its economy section.

British Airways uses two different seating arrangements on its 777-200, as some of its planes have three cabins and some have four cabins. Although both versions have the same seating arrangement in World Traveler Class as the company's 777-300 planes, the three class 777-200 has a total of 275 seats, while the four class only has 224 seats due to the addition of the first-class compartment.

Emirates Airlines has eight different seating arrangements on its Boeing 777s. The company's 777-300ER three-class airplanes feature 12 first-class seats, 42 business-class seats and 306 economy seats. Economy class seating on this plane is set up with three seats on each side and four seats in the middle.

United Airlines has four different versions of the 777-200, two of which have four cabins and two with three cabins. Three of the versions feature three rows of three seats each in economy, while version four has two seats on each side and five seats in the middle.

American Airlines Boeing 777-200 (777) V1 uses equal parts of its floor space for first- and business-class seating and economy-class seating. There are 16 first-class seats, 37 business-class seats and 194 economy-class seats. The economy-class seats are grouped as two-five-two, with aisles separating the groups.

An overview of nearly any flight's seating arrangement is viewable when ordering tickets online. Many airlines allow the buyer to select a seat at the time of purchase. Some airlines, however, do not allow the buyer to select a seat until tickets are distributed at the airport, and others do not allow seat selection at all.