What Is the Seating Arrangement of the Airbus A380?

The Airbus A380 has an upper and lower deck, with passenger capacity varying from airline to airline. The aircraft is certified to cater for up to 853 passengers, with Air France coming the closest to this with 538 available seats.

The passenger capacity of the A380 ranges from 407 with Korean Air to 538 with Air France. Staircases join the upper and lower decks at the front and back, and the main deck cabin is the widest of any airline in service, as of 2015. The upper deck of the A380 is slightly shorter in length than the lower deck, due to the length of the staircases. The airbus typically accommodates 10 first class passengers, 76 business class and 439 economy class passengers.

The main deck is 21 feet and 7 inches wide, while the upper deck is 19 feet and 5 inches wide, with a total deck size of 163 feet and 8 inches. Seating arrangements range from three rooms of 130 square feet in first class, to 11 seats across in economy class. The A380 also provides extra headroom, larger windows and more spacious overhead bins. Some airlines place business and first class passengers on the upper deck, while others seat them on the lower deck.