What Is the Seating Arrangement for an Airbus A319?


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There are two types of Airbus A319 seating arrangements as of 2015; the most common version has 96 standard economy seats while a variant offers 102 standard economy seats. In both Airbus 319 vehicles, economy seats are arranged in two rows of three along the length of the fuselage.

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An Airbus A319 features 12 first-class seats with recliner seating. There is also a Delta Comfort Plus seating area located between first class and economy class that consists of 18 standard seats. The most common Airbus 319A variant features 15 rows of economy seating, while the less common variant features 16 rows of economy seating.

Generally, the least comfortable seats in the Airbus 319A are those located in the very back of the plane. These seats have little to no ability to recline and are inconveniently close to the lavatory. Other seats that travelers often find bothersome are the ones located directly in front of the plane's middle emergency exits, since the placement of the emergency doors prevents reclining. Additionally, the very first row of seats in first place can be unpleasant due to their proximity to the front-end lavatory of the plane. Some of the best seats in an Airbus 319A are those located just behind the middle emergency exits; these seats offer ample legroom.

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