How Do You Find Seat Plans for an Airbus A320?


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Find seat maps for an Airbus A320 by navigating to SeatGuru.com, searching for the Airbus 320 from the Find Seat Maps tab and clicking on the link. SeatGuru is powered by TripAdvisor and offers seating maps for various aircraft, including the Airbus A320, A219, A321 and other models.

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SeatGuru provides hundreds of seat maps for modern air craft as well as other details about each particular aircraft model. To find seat maps for the Airbus A320, follow the steps below.

  1. Navigate to SeatGuru.com
  2. Navigate to SeatGuru.com and type the query "Airbus 320" into the search box on the home page. Click on the search result showing the A320 Airbus seat map.

  3. View the map
  4. View an actual map of the airplane by clicking on the search link from the SeatGuru.com search results. Click on individual seats on the map to read information about the seats. For example, clicking on Seat 1D shows a popup box detailing the legroom restrictions, lack of floor storage place during takeoff and limited overhead space as well as information about the poor viewing angle when watching in-flight movies. The map also notes the locations of the galley and lavatories for the flight and notes the bad seats by highlighting them in red and good seats by highlighting them in green. User comments about each specific seat are available by viewing the Featured User Comments section next to the map.

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