How Do You Search for Salvage Vehicles on EBay Motors?

How Do You Search for Salvage Vehicles on EBay Motors?

Find salvage vehicles on eBay Motors by visiting the website and performing a search for "salvage cars." Then, browse through the selection and make a purchase directly from the site.

eBay Motors makes it easy to find a wide variety of salvage cars and trucks. Follow the steps below to perform a search for the desired vehicle.

  1. Visit eBay Motors
  2. Visit the eBay Motors website and type in "salvage cars" in the search box at the top of the screen. Click Search to begin.

  3. Narrow down the options
  4. On the left side of the screen, users can check boxes to filter down the search results. If applicable, select a model year, make, mileage, or other options.

  5. View a vehicle
  6. To view a vehicle, click on the blue link for each listing.

  7. Buy now
  8. On the vehicle's page, click the Buy It Now button to purchase or click Place Bid to participate in an auction.

It is important to remember that a salvage vehicle has been totaled by an insurance company, meaning it costs more to repair the vehicle than to replace it. A salvage title must be filed with the proper state motor vehicle agency, and a vehicle does not become a salvage vehicle by being in a collision. Sometimes, hail damage, flood damage or vandalism is severe enough to total a vehicle.