How Do You Search Online for Used Cars at Off Lease Only?

To search for used cars online at Off Lease Only, navigate to, type the make and model of the car in the search field, and click Search to access a list with no filters applied. Alternatively, access the Used Cars section, and select the desired search criteria from the drop-down menus to narrow down the list of results.

Use the basic list of filters on the home page by selecting a location of the dealer, car make and model, and clicking on the Find Vehicle button. The list for car makes and models includes a value enclosed in brackets next to the names, indicating the number of available cars for sale for each option. As of 2015, the most popular car makes on include Chevrolet, Lexus, Mercedes-Benz and Nissan.

In the Used Cars section, sort the list by price, mileage, available stock or alphabetically by selecting the appropriate option in the Sort By field. In addition to make, model and location filters, this section also includes filters for trims and bodies. The list of results includes the price, image of the car, short description and information regarding mileage, transmission and engine types. Pages for individual car models provide detailed information about technical specifications, additional options such as heated mirrors and traction control, and access to a photo gallery and video testimonials from other Off Lease Only customers.