How Do You Search for Free Car Info by the VIN?

To obtain free car information by the VIN, access the website of the National Insurance Crime Bureau, and perform a VIN check to check the title of the vehicle. This process provides some basic information about the vehicle, including theft, loss and accident history. Also, get to know the vehicle's history from the seller.

Begin searching for car information by asking the seller questions pertaining to the usage of the car, its maintenance record and the previous owners. Also, obtain the VIN of the vehicle.

When accessing the NICB website, click on the Theft and Fraud Awareness tab towards the center-top of the page, and then click on VINCheck from the drop-down menu that opens. On the VINCheck page, type the vehicle's 17-digit VIN in the relevant box, click the Agree to the Terms and Condition of Use box, type the verification code that flashes on the screen and click Search.

The report obtained provides information regarding cars that have been reported as written off, deemed for salvage or stolen but not yet recovered. The NICB sources this information from various insurance companies.

The NICB lets users carry out up to five VIN searches for every IP address within 24 hours.