How Do You Search for an ATV by VIN Number?


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Running a VIN Number through a VIN decoder traces and identifies the specific vehicle’s type, VDS, VIS and model year. A VIN Number is printed as standard on every vehicle.

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Manufacturers print a vehicle’s VIN number, which consists of 17 digits, on some part of the vehicle’s exterior. It is on all vehicles as per international regulation. All-terrain vehicles, or ATVs, usually have their VIN numbers printed or stamped on their front frame rails. The VIN’s digits correspond to an internationally standardized order of sequential importance.

The first digit indicates the region of production of the specific vehicle. The second digit, when combined with the first digit, denotes the country of production for the vehicle. The third digit is used to identify the vehicle type, such as scooter, ATV or motorcycle. Digits four to nine, the Vehicle Descriptor Section, denote the vehicle’s model, engine size and body style. Digits ten to seventeen are the Vehicle Identifier Section, which includes more detailed information regarding the specific model’s production line and date of production, among other information.

Using a VIN number to verify a vehicle, especially an ATV, is useful in making sure of a vehicle’s legality and official state of condition. Consequently, you can avoid buying stolen or written-off cars through verifying the vehicle with its specific VIN Number.

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