What Are Some Sealed Power Pistons?

What Are Some Sealed Power Pistons?

Sealed Power offers cast eutectic, cast hypereutectic and PowerForged pistons, as of 2015. Cast eutectic pistons are made of high-quality aluminum, while cast hypereutectic pistons are made of hypereutectic materials. PowerForged pistons offer superior strength and ductility in high-output engines.

Sealed Power offers a range of cast piston sets with varying part specifications. The cast pistons are available with premium and economy rings options. Sealed Power cast eutectic piston features FM132 proprietary alloy casting, precise ring grove and pin bore geometries, and a DuroShield anti-friction skirt coating. The pistons utilize ISO and QS certified manufacturing to ensure high-quality, reliable design for engine applications.

The brand’s cast hypereutectic piston features lightweight, durable and high-strength materials that offer tighter cylinder wall clearance and reduced noise. The piston’s design improves cylinder sealing for less blow-by while maintaining standard ring gaps in the top groove.

Sealed Power's cast hypereutectic piston promotes greater fuel economy and resists damage from inadequate lubrication on start-up. A moly-graphite coating on the piston promotes longer engine life.

Sealed Power is Federal-Mogul’s line of internal replacement engine components that includes pistons, piston rings, oil pumps, camshafts and engine bearings. The company also offers its Sealed Power Vintage line of pistons for domestic engines manufactured between 1928 and 1980.