How Do You Seal a Power Steering Leak?

Seal simple power steering leaks with commercial products such as No Leak that are poured directly into the power steering fluid reservoir. These products circulate and allow seals and O-rings to accumulate the mass they to seal existing leaks and prevent new ones.

It's not possible to fix more complex power steering leaks using commercial products. Signs of complex leaks include difficulty turning the steering wheel and a groaning noise when turning the steering wheel. Complex leaks warrant professional replacement of the power steering pump. In addition to replacing the pump, the technician drains the system and replaces the old power steering fluid with new fluid. The technician also evaluates the power steering belt, reservoir and rack and pinon system, and checks the entire system for leaks. Depending on the extent of the damage and the year, make and model of the vehicle, this service can cost $350 to $1000 as of September 2015.

Power steering leaks occur naturally as a vehicle ages and its seals and O-rings lose mass. To prevent power steering leaks, mechanics recommend the preventative use of commercial products such as No Leak. It's also important to change steering fluid as part of the vehicle's regular maintenance.