Is Sea Foam Motor Treatment Safe for Hybrid Fuel Tanks?


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Sea Foam motor treatment is safe for hybrid fuel tanks and can help significantly reduce build up in the engine. It is also safe and effective for gas and diesel engines.

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Is Sea Foam Motor Treatment Safe for Hybrid Fuel Tanks?
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To ensure that the Sea Foam mtor treatment is being applied properly, car owners should inject it into the engine via a vacuum hose attachment. This may cause the engine to smoke heavily at first, so it is important to stop the application when it does. Putting too much into the engine can cause the engine to stall. Also, a hybrid engine should not need more than one-third can of Sea Foam. If the car is new, it should not need it at all. Sea Foam is typically used for older engines that have accumulated carbon buildup over time.

When applying Sea Foam to the engine, do not let it pass through the check valve. The Sea Foam motor treatment saturates and dissolves any varnish deposits. To attain the best results, the engine oil needs to be changed about every 5,000 miles or less. If a car owner is unsure whether or not Sea Foam treatment can damage the vehicle, a professional mechanic or product expert should be consulted.

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