How Do You Scrap a Car?

The term "scrapping a car" usually refers to selling it to a scrap yard, but drivers can remove some of the functioning components and sell them online or to local shops. Fully scrapping a car requires recycling the metal it contains, which requires expensive equipment.

Before scrapping a car, the owner needs to determine which parts work correctly. If the engine is intact, the owner may be able to find a buyer online through Craigslist. If the car is a popular model, the owner can contact local mechanics to see if any are interested in purchasing the engine. Engines that are partially damaged still may have some valuable parts, and an expert can determine if this is the case.

By taking an inventory of the car's working components, the owner may be able to collect more than the standard cost the yard pays for scrap vehicles, especially if the car is relatively new. It's also important to learn how the yard works. Some yards keep an inventory of parts and sell them individually; others require customers to find parts on their own. The former type of scrap yard can often generate more per vehicle and may be willing to pay extra for a valuable scrap car.