What Are Some Schumacher Batter Chargers?


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The electric 50-amp fully automatic battery charger, the electric automatic SpeedCharge charger and the electric manual wheel charger are some Schumacher battery chargers. Schumacher Electric makes several electric products, including battery load testers, automatic speedcharge chargers and jumpstart boxes.

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The electric 50-Amp fully automatic battery charger has microprocessor-controlled technology that adjusts amperage rate to charge and sustain the battery automatically; multistage charging for more precision, safety and battery life; and reverse hook-up protection.

The electric automatic SpeedCharge charger tracks the battery's condition and adjusts the charge rate to prevent battery damage. It also has a 2-amp slow charge that sustains smaller batteries and 50-amp clamps that attach to top- and side-mount battery posts.

The electric manual wheel charger is used for 12-volt batteries and has a color-coded meter for tracking charging progress. It features a 140-amp cranking assist, a 55-amp boost charge, a 20-amp rapid charge and a 2-amp slow charge.

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