How Do You Schedule a Hearing With the NYS DMV for a Traffic Ticket?


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Schedule a hearing with the New York State DMV for a traffic ticket by pleading not guilty over the phone, by mail, online at the NY DMV site or in person at a Traffic Violations Bureau office. Once a plea is entered, a hearing date is set depending on those days that have an opening.

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As of 2015, the phone number to call in order to enter a plea and schedule an appointment is 718-488-5710. To mail in a plea, send it to Traffic Violations Plea Unit, P.O. Box 2950-ESP, Albany, NY, 12220-0950. The DMV website provides a link for online pleading and scheduling.

The initial scheduled date is set automatically as the soonest date available at the chosen location. This is changeable to a different date or time according to availability. An individual can only change the date once and cannot change it within 24 hours of the scheduled hearing. If the scheduled hearing is missed, then the one pleading is ruled against or additional fines applied. The license of the person doing the pleading is also suspended until otherwise notified. The online option to plead not guilty and schedule a hearing is available only if the person making the plea has a valid, unsuspended driver's license.

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