How Do You Save Money When You Need a Tow Truck?

Save money when you need a tow truck by planning before your need. Check with your auto insurance company, credit card issuers or cellphone carrier for the option of adding towing to your current plan. If these options are not available, consider joining an auto club. Often the plans cost a few dollars a month, and a single tow recovers more than the annual cost.

Drivers who have full-coverage auto insurance may qualify for adding towing to their coverage, usually for under $5 per month, as of 2015. Not all insurance companies offer the option, but Allstate offers a program that limits towing cost to anyone who signs up, even if they do not have insurance through the company.

You may already have towing service through your credit card provider. Bank of America and other providers include the service; however, there are limitations on the miles the truck tows the car, so it is best to check with the provider and know these before calling for assistance.

Some cellular providers also have the option of adding towing to the monthly service fee. The additional cost is similar to adding the service to insurance.

Automobile clubs, including AAA are another option. These clubs usually have annual membership fees. Some charge an additional fee for joining.