What Are Sample Road Signs on the DMV Driving Test?


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Common road signs used to test new drivers by the DMV include signs for roundabouts, stop signs and traffic light ahead signs. Other signs often encountered indicate that a two-way highway begins, a flagger is ahead, a four way intersection is ahead and a hill is ahead.

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What Are Sample Road Signs on the DMV Driving Test?
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The sign indicating a roundabout ahead is a dark yellow sign with three black arrows on it, pointing tip to tail in a counter clockwise circle. This sign is usually square shaped and hung from a corner. Stop signs are bright red with "Stop" printed in white on them. They are octagonal in shape. Like the roundabout sign, the sign indicating a stop light ahead is yellow, square and hung from one of the square's corners. A representation of a stop light is in the center of this sign. The sign indicating the beginning of a divided highway is the same color and shape and has two black arrows on it. The arrows point opposite directions, and at the top of the sign they flow around a black divider.

The sign indicating a flagger ahead is orange, square and hung from one corner. This sign has a black figure of a person holding a flag up and the other arm raised at the elbow. A yellow square sign with a black plus sign in the center indicates a four-way intersection ahead.

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