What Salvage Yard Parts Are Good for Resale?


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Good parts for resale from a salvage yard include high-ticket items, such as airbag modules or onboard computers. Once the reseller harvests these parts, he lists them online at prices that make a profit, while saving the consumer money when he compares the price to buying new parts.

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What Salvage Yard Parts Are Good for Resale?
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There are two types of salvage yards. Full-service yards pull the parts and deliver them to the front counter for the customer. In the other type of yards, the buyer goes into the yard to pull the part from the salvage vehicle himself. The second type of salvage yard usually offers a lower price by reducing overhead costs, thus increasing the potential profit of the part reseller.

Some do-it-yourself salvage yards charge a nominal fee to enter the yard. They usually list the cost of parts on a bulletin board in the front office. Most charge the same fee for a part, regardless of the vehicle from which it comes, which saves the consumer money when repairing cars that use expensive new parts and gives the reseller more room for a profit margin.

Many do-it-yourself yards require the visitor to carry all his tools and parts in and out of the yard by hand. Resellers know the tools they need to pull the parts they want, but they keep a few extras in their own vehicle in the parking lot to help remove stubborn ones.

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