How Do You Find the Salvage Cost for a Wrecked Motorcycle?


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While salvage motorcycles vary in price significantly, some sell for about one-third to one-half of the value of a comparable motorcycle in decent condition. However, it is often difficult to restore a title on a motorcycle marked as salvage in many states.

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People often sell damaged vehicles to salvage yards, which typically offer little for them. However, people with motorcycles marked as salvage might want to call local motorcycle companies to see if any are interested in the motorcycle or the parts it contains. Salvage yards generally sell parts at a low cost, but a motorcycle shop might be willing to pay a bit extra if it needs parts for a particular project. In addition, employees at the shop might be interested in rebuilding the bike if doing so is legally possible.

When a qualified expert has deemed a vehicle salvage, owners can only have the title restored in certain situations. If the vehicle has been marked as non-repairable, it might be impossible to restore its title. As a result, salvage vehicles, including motorcycles, are frequently sold for parts. In cases where it's possible to restore the title, the cost of restoring the bike to working condition might be higher than the cost of purchasing one already in working order.

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