What Safety Issues Are Associated With Pocket Bikes?


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Safety concerns regarding pocket bikes include head trauma to the driver in the event of an accident and the inability of fellow drivers to see the rider. Head trauma is a concern for drivers of all motorbike types. Pocket bikes are not legal on most public roads.

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If a pocket bike is considered legal in a certain area, or the features of the bike have made it legal, the driver must wear a helmet approved by the Department of Transportation to reduce his likelihood of experiencing head trauma during an accident. However, safety issues are not the reason why pocket bikes are banned from most public roads. Most pocket bikes do not have turn signals and side mirrors and therefore cannot be insured. These factors make pocket bikes ineligible for street legal status under many state laws.

In certain states, such as Texas, getting caught by a law enforcement officer while driving a pocket bike may result in a citation for driving an unregistered and uninsured vehicle as well as driving a vehicle that does not have legally required equipment, such as turn signals. In other states, drivers must meet certain age requirements in order to operate pocket bikes legally.

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