What Are the Safety Features of an Alarm System?


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The safety features of a car alarm system include keyless entry, starter kill switch, full vehicle sensors and remote start. In addition to safety benefits, these features offer added convenience and time-saving capabilities. Safety features help protect vehicles in a variety of ways that include anti-theft notifications and sound alerts.

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The keyless entry feature uses a remote to arm and disarm the vehicle. The device can also unlock doors and open the trunk. Some alarm systems have a remote that receives notifications when the alarm sounds. These devices also have LCD screens that display actions happening to the vehicle such as open doors and released trunk.

Some alarm systems have a starter kill switch that can stop the engine from running with a click of a button. This is a useful safety feature when the alarm sounding or feel the remote buzzing is ineffective against a thief stealing the car. After the button is pressed, the car remains stopped until alarm is disarmed.

The full vehicle sensors are useful for detecting disturbances and movement to the vehicle. The sensors alert owners of any change in the vehicle and are installed in the shock sensors to notify owners when the car is towed or placed on a jack.

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