What Safety Equipment Should You Wear When Riding a Snowmobile?


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The safety equipment that is recommended when riding a snowmobile includes a helmet, goggles, waterproof suit, gloves and rubber-soled boots. It is also recommended that riders wear sunscreen when out in bright or sunny conditions.

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The clothing worn when riding a snowmobile should be well insulated to provide as much heat as possible. It should also be waterproof. This applies to items like the snowmobile suit and the gloves.

The helmet is probably the most important piece of equipment, though. It should meet the Snell or the American National Standards Institute regulations for motorcycle helmets. Riders should not go out using bike helmets or any other type of non-approved, lower quality helmet.

Other safety equipment should also be brought, in addition to the safety clothing and equipment that the rider wears. These items can be grouped under the heading of a survival kit. It includes a first aid kit, an emergency tool kit with some common spare parts (like spark plugs), a spare key and some flares. It should also include waterproof matches, a blanket, a phone, a whistle, a flashlight, high-energy food bars, a knife and a compass and map. And it should include an avalanche beacon, a probe and a shovel.

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