What Are Some Safety Considerations When Purchasing an RV Golf Cart Hauler?


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When purchasing an RV golf cart hauler, an RV owner should look for products that are strong enough to carry a weight of 1200 pounds or more, have easy loading systems and have built-in devices to prevent the trailer from fishtailing while on the road and jack-knifing when backing up. A hauler also needs to have tie-down points to keep the golf cart secure while traveling, taillights and a wiring harness.

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Mighty Hauler manufactures a 1200G golf cart carrier that attaches to the RV frame with two receivers. Optional loading ramps allow the owner to drive the golf cart up to the platform from one side and off the other side without having to reverse. Sway Lock or Lock Tight technology allows the carrier to cope with the roughest road surfaces and prevents the carrier swaying about behind the RV. The hauler is constructed using state certified welders, ensuring a strong and reliable product.

Fast Master Products, Inc. produces a Swivelwheel-58W dual wheel system that can carry a golf cart. The swivel wheels ensure the hauler always tracks with the tow vehicle, preventing jack-knifing and fishtailing.

The Tandem Tow models, which allow RV owners to travel with a golf cart and an additional vehicle, are constructed from structural steel tubing, MIG-welded and finished with a baked-on powder coating for strength and durability.

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