How do you safely learn to ride a motorcycle?


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To safely learn to ride a motorcycle, pass a motorcycle safety course, familiarize yourself with your motorcycle and its functions, and learn the laws, rights and requirements for motorcyclists in your state. Before attempting to ride on the road or on a highway, practice riding the motorcycle on a secluded street or in an empty parking lot. Always wear a helmet when riding.

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Contact the Motorcycle Safety Foundation for information on taking a beginner's motorcycle course. The basic RiderCourse provides students with classroom and on-cycle training, including information on safety equipment and its use, how to turn the motorcycle on and off, how to ride in various traffic situations, and other essential information.

After taking a motorcycle course and practicing accelerating, braking, turning and parking in a secluded location until you are comfortable riding, try riding on a street with minimal traffic. Be sure to stay within the speed limit and do not weave in and out of cars. Spacious, open roads are ideal for motorcyclists, rather than roads with many turns.

When riding in traffic, it is important for motorcyclists to maintain focus on the road at all times while also being aware of other vehicles on the road. Keep plenty of distance between your motorcycle and other vehicles, and pay attention to the flow of traffic and respond accordingly.

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