Is It Safe to Use a Homemade Remote Car Starter?


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While it is possible for a properly designed homemade starter to provide convenience safely, professionally manufactured and installed devices offer far more safety features, warranties and protections. Important considerations include engine speed sensing, over-rev protection, hood safety-switch, compatibility with a car's warranty and provisions to protect against relay station attacks.

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High-quality professional remote starters feature RPM sensors that notify the device if the engine failed to start. More importantly, these sensors trigger an automatic shut-off of the engine if idling reaches a dangerous threshold. Both of these are vital to preventing damage to the engine or other property. Hood safety-switches prevent the vehicle from remote starting if the hood is open, staving off potential injury.

Professional devices often feature warranties covering the product for a specified period. If installed correctly without causing damage to the vehicle, these devices will not void the automobile's warranty. Remote starters that feature keyless entry are typically designed with special security technology to prevent relay station attacks. These attacks involve thieves reflecting, amplifying or mimicking the signal from the device, allowing them to disable the electronic immobilizer and steal the vehicle.

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