Is It Safe to Drive With a Broken Wheel Stud?

It is not safe to drive on a broken wheel stud. This feature has a significant impact on the quality of control and steering while driving. It is necessary to repair the wheel stud in order to drive on highways or at high speeds so that serious damage does not befall the vehicle.

Driving on a broken wheel stud is significantly dangerous to the integrity of a vehicle and the safety of the passengers. A broken stud means that a wheel is not secured appropriately anymore and cause wobbling of the tire, vibrations in the tire well and issues with turning and stopping. Having a loose wheel is a considerably dangerous scenario for people in the car in question and those on the road around that vehicle.

A broken wheel stud occurs when too much force is put into tightening a lug nut or in rare cases when a bolt is worn down and snaps on its own during operation. There is often no immediate sign to the driver or passengers that this event has occurred, but it is easy to notice handling problems that begin to accrue shortly after a lug is stripped. These concerns make it unsafe to operate a car after a stud is broken, regardless of the speed.