Is It Safe to Buy Cars on EBay?

safe-buy-cars-ebay Credit: Kevin Clogstoun/Lonely Planet Images/Getty Images

Buying cars on eBay is generally safe, according to EBay has a Vehicle Purchase Protection program to safeguard against fraud. Circumstances in which buyers are protected include a vehicle previously reported as being stolen, liens not reported, and discrepancy in odometer, make, model and year.

Despite the Vehicle Purchase Protection program, consumers should still do their due diligence, says They should research prospective purchases like they would if buying a car in person. The program does not cover wear and tear, prices that the purchaser considers to be unfairly high, and misunderstandings by the purchaser about what features are available, for example. However, the program does provide peace of mind that consumers do not lose money if the seller engages in wrongdoing.