What's the Procedure to Remove Wheels From a Vehicle?


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To remove wheels from a vehicle, first collect the necessary tools. These include a jack, torque wrench, screwdriver, socket and socket extension. The socket extension makes it easier to remove the lug nuts faster. Using a flat-blade screwdriver, remove the hub cap and any decorative wheel trim while ensuring it does not scratch the wheel.

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What's the Procedure to Remove Wheels From a Vehicle?
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Loosen all the nuts on each wheel using a torque wrench and socket. Apply the handbrake, and raise the vehicle slightly using a jack. Extend the jack until it starts lifting the car to its springs and the wheels are slightly off the ground. Find the jacking point, and support the vehicle by placing jack stands on both sides, closest to the wheels. Ensure that all the stands are of the same height and firmly placed.

Completely loosen the lug nuts, and remove them from the wheels while firmly holding the wheel in position to ensure it does not roll away. Apply the effort downward so that you do not lose balance when the nuts come off. Lift the wheel from the hub, and place it on the ground face up. Plan the job well so that the car remains raised for the shortest time possible.

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