What Do RV Renovations Involve?


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RV renovations may involve mechanical, electrical, upholstery and exterior modifications. The focus and extent of renovations depend on the condition of the RV, the make and model and any existing problems. The goals of the owner and the budget for the project also are important considerations.

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There are several features in all RVs that are likely to be addressed in any renovation. All RVs include a bed of some sort, as well as electrical features such as lights, radios or TVs. Furthermore, most RVs have carpeting to some degree and cabinetry or another type of storage. When renovating, these elements are usually the first to be addressed. New carpet and cabinets give new life to a worn RV. Rewiring and the addition of conveniences like microwave ovens or TVs bring an old RV up to date. A fresh paint job adds a shine to a weathered camper. Completely gutting the interior of an RV and replacing or redoing all of these things allows the renovator to transform the RV into whatever he or she pleases.

The term RV encompasses a wide-range of recreational vehicles. From small, pickup-mounted campers to full-size motor homes, there is a large gap between the different types of RVs.

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