What Are Some RV Models by Newmar?

Some RV models by Newmar include the Aire series, the Star series, the Essex and the Ventana. The company refers to its vehicles as "motor coaches," and they are generally designed for the high-end luxury market.

The Aire series includes the King Aire, London Aire and Mountain Aire. The King Aire features premium amenities such as Ralph Lauren Home Collection fabrics and a king-size Sleep Number adjustable bed. The London Aire and Mountain Aire are similarly luxurious models aimed at the premium market.

The Star series includes the Dutch Star, Canyon Star, Bay Star and Bay Star Sport. These are also high-end models comparable to the Aire series, though Newmar does not classify them as luxury models. These run on standard gas, with the exception of the Dutch Star.

The Ventana and Ventana LE are also high-end Class A models. The primary difference is that they run on diesel rather than standard gas. The Essex is a luxury model that runs on gas.

Newmar offers customers the option of building their own coaches using a step-by-step design tool on its website. One of the existing models must be used as a base, but customers can customize aspects such as the exterior design and interior decor.