What Does an RV Inspection Involve?


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An RV inspection should check for things that prove the general safety and readiness of the RV unit. A complete RV inspection accomplishes this by evaluating the engine, wheels, tires, chassis, frame, air suspension, brake system and any other systems that the RV has installed. The inspection should also note the RV's model year, make, color, license plate and other identifying information.

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Other important systems that should be checked as part of an RV inspection include the waste management system, cooking system, generator system and bathroom system. A complete RV inspection should also be documented in a log book for future reference.

An RV inspection can be completed either by a professional RV inspection service or by an amateur RV owner, user or buyer. In either situation, the RV inspection must be thorough and complete. A professional RV inspection service costs money, but it also provides confidence that the inspection has been conducted properly. An RV owner may wish to hire a professional RV inspection service before taking a long trip for want extra security and confidence that the RV is ready for the journey. A professional inspection is also a good idea if the owner plans to sell the RV in the near future. RV purchasers may request RV inspections or reports before deciding to buy.

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