What Is an RV Caravan Tour?

What Is an RV Caravan Tour?

RV caravan tours include a group of recreation vehicle drivers and passengers who travel together on a pre-planned route. Each driver operates his own RV, but follows the lead of a tour guide through an established route. RV caravan tours are available in various parts of the world.

RVs, or recreational vehicles, have built-in living accommodations, including cooking areas, bathrooms and sleeping quarters. Travelers can enjoy amenities of home while traversing the road.

Several businesses organize and manage RV caravan tours. They offer journeys ranging from a few days to months at a time. A tour guide, called a wagon master, leads the caravan. An employee called the tail gunner follows the group to ensure that no one gets lost or left behind. The tail gunner also serves as the group's mechanic, offering help when RVs malfunction.

All participants of the caravan stop together for sightseeing and previously planned events. Each evening, they camp together in the same campground, where they discuss the next leg of the caravan.

Caravan prices vary, depending on the organizing company. The fee usually includes the services of the wagon master and tail gunner. It also covers the cost of recreational events and emergency medical insurance.