How Do You Get Rust Off Chrome Rims?

Remove rust from chrome rims by cleaning the rims before rubbing them with steel wool and scrubbing them with a wire brush. Then, apply a protective coating to the rims. The process requires soap and water, a wire brush, towels, rubbing alcohol, fine-grade steel wool, medium-grade steel wool, a chemical rust remover and a rust-proof coating. Rust removal can be accomplished in under an hour.

  1. Clean each rim

    Wash the rims with soapy water, and allow them to dry. Wipe the rims with rubbing alcohol.

  2. Brush the rims

    Use the wire brush to scrub the rim. Apply more force to areas as needed, being careful not to damage the underlying metal.

  3. Rub the rims with the steel wool

    Use the medium-grade steel wool to get rid of stubborn rust. Wipe the area frequently with a clean towel to check on your progress. If areas of rust remain, apply a chemical rust remover to the area and continue to rub.

  4. Buff each rim

    Use the fine-grade steel wool to buff and polish the rims.

  5. Apply a protective coating

    Dampen another towel with rubbing alcohol, and wipe down the tire. Apply two coats of a protective coating on the rims according to the manufacturer's directions.