How Do You Run an Indiana License Plate Number?

The Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles allows security guard companies, private investigators and insurance companies that have their names and addresses on file with the state to run license plates through a subscription service. The state no longer allows other businesses or individuals to conduct these searches.

The BMV states the changes made in limiting access to running plates are in accordance with the best business practices and the Driver's Privacy Protection Act. The BMV stores several items of pertinent information for residents. Accessing these services requires a $95 annual fee along with a per-search fee as of 2014. Only subscribers who meet the state's other criteria have access to license plate information. Other subscribers have access to title information, lien information, drivers license information and registration, but they must provide the individual's Social Security number and other pertinent information, such as title number or VIN number, before the search is performed.

According to, websites that offer free license plate searches often provide out-of-date information purchased in bulk. Other sites offer a subscription service for unlimited searches, but the information that they provide is also out-of-date. Because of privacy laws, these websites are unable to obtain the most current information available.