How Do You Find Rubber Wheels?

How Do You Find Rubber Wheels?

Find rubber wheels at general hardware retailers such as Grainger and Harbor Freight and specialty wheel retailers like RWM Casters. Visit or and search directly for various types of rubber wheels. Each site offers online purchases with direct delivery to homes or businesses. RWM Casters provides an online quote form and follows up with customers via email or telephone prior to shipping.

Rubber wheels come in eight basic styles, each featuring a different weight capacity, floor protection rating and durability. Some are composed primarily of rubber, while others have rubber exteriors and metal or plastic hubs.

Hard and soft rubber wheels are at the low end of caster weight capacity, ranging from approximately 150 to 280 pounds, depending on the particular brand and model. Hard rubber wheels are more durable than soft rubber types, but these offer less protection to inexpensive or fragile flooring.

Pneumatic rubber wheels typically consist of an air-filled tire held by a metal or plastic retaining hub. The weight capacity ranges from 300 to 3,360 pounds, depending on the specific unit. They are useful in a variety of terrains and provide a smoother ride for carried products than other types.

Rubber wheels with metal or plastic hubs range significantly in weight capacity depending on the material of the hub. Polyurethane and polypropylene caster centers generally support up to 600 pounds, while nylon cores add 100 pounds of capacity to that. Cast-iron hubs work with weights up to 2,280 pounds.