What Does the Royal Distributing Company in Whitby, Ontario, Sell?

What Does the Royal Distributing Company in Whitby, Ontario, Sell?

Royal Distributing sells clothing, merchandise, safety equipment, accessories and spare parts for various power sports. These include products for motorbikes, snow mobiles, all-terrain vehicles, speed boats and bicycles.

Royal Distributing has a wide range of products on offer which can be viewed any of its stores and online. It has a comprehensive motor-cross apparel section which includes items such as boots, chest protectors, gloves, helmets, ID kits, jerseys, motor-cross socks, neck braces, pants and other protective gear.

The camera section boasts various cameras for attaching to vehicles or helmets in order to capture the power sport experience. The company's marine section includes spare parts and lubricants for the proper maintenance of boats, various accessories and life jackets, as well as paddleboards for entertainment on the water.

Royal Distributing supplies electrical components, exhausts, clutches, brakes, cables, engine parts, luggage attachments, tires and other accessories for all-terrain vehicles, and the bicycle section includes various types of bicycles, including BMX bikes, mountain bikes and strider kids bikes. It also has all the accessories and safety equipment necessary for cyclists. The company supplies many other sport-related items, including eyewear, tools, trailers and clothing.

Royal Distributing has four stores in Ontario, Canada, which are located in Guelph, Innisfil, Sudbury and Whitby. The Whitby store is both the newest and largest of the four stores, as of 2015.