What Road Signs Do You Need to Know for the NC DMW Written Test?


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Road signs on the North Carolina DMW written driver's test include regulatory and warning signs, such as stop signs, pedestrian signs and traffic lights. To pass a driver's exam, students must correctly identify signs by shape and color. They should also have a sound knowledge of what the signs mean, and how they should respond accordingly when driving.

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Students might encounter common signs on their written tests, such as signs displaying a traffic light or stop signs. In addition to recognizing the symbols or words on these signs, drivers must select a correct response on a multiple choice format indicating the appropriate action. A question with the image of a stop sign, for instance, might ask drivers whether they should come to a complete stop or yield upon seeing the sign.

Drivers may see images of signs alerting motorists to upcoming changes in driving patterns, such as a highway dividing into two lanes or an intersection ahead. On a written test, students might encounter the picture of a four-way intersection, then select from multiple choice questions to choose the correct answer identifying the sign.

The North Carolina DMV driving test might also display signs for temporary conditions, such as construction work ahead. Students also find signs warning of hazardous conditions for certain types of vehicles, such as steep grades for trucks.

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