What Road Signs Do You Need to Know for a Driver's License Test?


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Signs a person may need to know for a driver's license test include the stop sign, yield sign, wrong way sign, do not enter sign and no U-turns sign, although exact requirements vary by state. Other possible signs on the test include railroad crossing signs and pedestrian crossing signs.

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What Road Signs Do You Need to Know for a Driver's License Test?
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In addition to specific signs, driver's license tests may ask applicants to identify a type of sign based on its color and shape. For example, the California test requires test-takers to know that a five-sided sign indicates a nearby school, while a four-sided diamond-shaped sign warns about upcoming road conditions. The general types of signs required for the Indiana driver's license test include warning signs, traffic regulation signs and traffic guidance signs. The Florida driver's license test requires test-takers to identify 20 different signs based on the color, shape or the meaning of the words or image on the sign.

The New York DMV requires applicants to know signs that include the merging sign, no left turn sign, two-way traffic sign, one-way traffic sign, and the sign indicating that merging traffic enters from the right. Other signs on the list include the right lane ends sign, keep right of divider sign, slippery when wet sign, and hill ahead sign. The exact signs needed for the driver's license test in a specific state appear in the state's driver's handbook, typically available from the state's Department of Motor Vehicles or similarly named division of the state government.

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