How Do I Find the Right Size Camper Shell for My Truck?

right-size-camper-shell-truck Credit: Blend Images - Mike Kemp/Brand X Pictures/Getty Images

Find out the truck’s make and model to determine the right camper shell for it, suggests CarsDirect. Pickup trucks are typically categorized based on bed size, and they are classified into short beds, long beds or full-size trucks.

Consult truck manufacturers and dealerships to find the right camper shell for a truck, notes Moreover, search online for testimonials from other people who own the same type of truck. Perform preliminary measurements before shopping for a camper shell. Use a tape measure to check the width and length of the truck’s bed. Next, measure the prospective camper shell to buy. Choose a camper shell with the same width and length as the truck's bed.

To install the new camper shell, lower the truck’s tailgate to have a sufficient work space, says Next, place the shell onto the truck’s bed with the help of another person. Align the camper shell and the bed correctly, ensuring that the entire shell fits perfectly without any overlapping areas.

Use six C-clamps and a socket set to clamp the two sides and four corners of the camper shell, states Clamp all necessary areas properly to prevent the shell from disengaging unexpectedly. Finally, place the tailgate in its original position. The installation process is successful if the shell does not move when pressure is applied on it.