How Do You Get the Right Match for Replacement Headlights?


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To get the right match for replacement headlights, refer to your vehicle's owner's manual. If the information is unavailable, contact your car manufacturer. You may also ask the service clerk of a reliable auto parts store, as they often have reference material they can use to locate the information quickly.

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If you plan to replace your vehicle's headlight yourself, you need a few supplies including the correct replacement headlight, rubber gloves, some rags, a screwdriver set and your vehicle's service manual.

To replace a headlight, start by removing the wiring harness attached to the back of the headlamp. Refer to your owner's manual on the proper way to do this. Once the harness is removed, remove the bulb retainer by twisting and pulling it back gently. Hold the bulb at its base, and pull it out. Clean the connections of any corrosion, then attach the new bulb. Afterwards, reconnect the retainer followed by the wiring harness.

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