What Are Some Riding Tips for Harley Davison Trikes?

What Are Some Riding Tips for Harley Davison Trikes?

Tips for riding Harley Davison trikes include never putting your feet down and releasing the hand brake before moving out. Other tips include looking into and ahead of the direction of travel as well as using both front and rear brakes, according to Road Runner Motorcycle Touring and Travel Magazine.

Riders should never put their feet down because the trike is a three-wheeled vehicle, which makes tipping over impossible. However, it is instead easy to "mouse trap" your feet under the body or rear wheels. The trike has no kickstand. The hand brake keeps it from rolling into a compound or down the street, and it needs to be released before moving just like one in a car.

A trike requires direct steering, so riders need to look straight into the direction of travel, locking their outside elbows into the turn and rolling on the throttle through the turn. This makes it different from a two-wheeler when negotiating a corner.

Trike riders should use both front and rear brakes to double the stopping power. In comparison to a two-wheeler, which produces 30 percent of its stopping power from its rear brakes, trike riders don't want to override their front wheel by using too much power on their brakes. The trike stops quickly and keeps straight even in panic stops.

The wheelbase of a trike is similar to that of a two-wheeler. However, the bodywork makes it longer and wider. This makes it necessary to determine how wide trike riders can outstretch their arms once seated before cornering, as Road Runner Motorcycle Touring and Travel Magazine explains.