Who Rides With You When You Take a Driving Test?


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Individuals taking a driving test to receive their driving license are accompanied in the car by an examiner from the United States Department of Motor Vehicles. The examiner instructs the test-taker on what driving maneuvers to perform and evaluates the driver's skill and safety throughout the test.

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While the process varies slightly from state to state, individuals who want to obtain a driving license usually need to pass a written test before taking a driving test. An examiner from the DMV administers the driving test, evaluating the test-takers' basic knowledge of the vehicle and their ability to maneuver the vehicle to comply with state-specific regulations.

Typically, a driving test starts out with the examiner asking the test-taker to demonstrate basic knowledge of the workings of the vehicle, such as turning on the headlights or putting the vehicle into specific gears. From here, the test-taker starts to drive the vehicle and performs various maneuvers, such as parking or y-turning, as instructed by the examiner. If the driver fails to comply with driving rules, the examiner deducts points from the test-taker's score. At the end of the test, if the driver has not lost too many points and has demonstrated safe driving to the examiner, the examiner will pass the driver to be able to receive a driving license.

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