How Do You Ride a Motorcycle?

ride-motorcycle Credit: Carlos Davila/Photographer's Choice/Getty Images

To ride a motorcycle, learn the controls necessary for accelerating, braking and changing gears. Practice operating these controls in a safe place free of traffic and obstacles.

  1. Learn the controls of a motorcycle

    The controls on a motorcycle include an accelerator, front and rear brakes, a gear selector and a clutch lever. The front brake is controlled by a lever with the right hand, and the rear brake is controlled by a pedal with the right foot. The accelerator is located on the front right handlebar and is controlled by twisting it with the right hand. The clutch is controlled by the left hand with a lever, while the gears are selected by using the gear selector lever with the left foot.

  2. Learn to start a motorcycle

    To start a motorcycle, place the key in the ignition, and turn to Run. The engine run switch, usually located on the front right handlebar, should be switched to On. The motorcycle starter button, which is also usually located on the front right handlebar, should be pressed until the engine turns over.

  3. Learn to accelerate and brake on a motorcycle

    To accelerate from a complete stop on a motorcycle, select first gear by pressing down once on the gear selector with the left foot. Squeeze the clutch lever, and slowly release it as you turn the accelerator handle. As you begin to move faster, select gears two through five by tapping the gear selector up with your left foot. To slow down or stop the motorcycle, first apply the front brake by squeezing the lever with your right hand. After the front brake has been applied, apply the rear brake by using the pedal with your right foot. To aid in deceleration, downshift through the gears by squeezing the clutch lever and tapping the gear selector down with your left foot.