How Do You Ride a Dirt Bike?

How Do You Ride a Dirt Bike?

To ride a dirt bike, learn the correct body positions, practice braking and turning, ride on different terrains and take a riding course. Basic riding skills can be learned within a day.

  1. Learn riding postures

    The correct position for level ground is a standing position with a slight crouch and even weight distribution. Hold the handlebars lightly, without pushing or pulling. Bend your knees more on rougher terrain to absorb the shock. Sit down when riding on smooth trails to rest your legs.

  2. Brake and turn

    Apply the brake while keeping a neutral weight distribution. Weight can be shifted forward or backward to apply more traction to that tire. Shift your weight to the rear tire in poor conditions. Shift your weight to the front when braking during a turn. Brake before entering a turn. Shift your weight to the outside foot peg during the turn, and accelerate after completing the turn.

  3. Practice on different terrains

    Find different areas to practice, including smooth trails, rough terrain, mud and sand. Practice riding uphill and downhill.

  4. Take a course

    Find a local riding course. Riding courses have qualified instructors who teach the basic riding techniques, how to ride over obstacles and the rules of dirt bike safety. Courses usually provide the necessary equipment.