How Do You Get Rid of Mud Daubers?

Eliminate mud daubers by swatting adults and removing nests. Use a putty knife to scrape away the mud, and wash away any remaining mud with soap and water. If necessary, spray pesticides on the area to prevent the mud daubers from returning to the nesting site. Individuals allergic to wasps should enlist another person to perform this job.

  1. Swat adult wasps

    Use a flyswatter to kill any adult mud daubers that are hovering around the nest. Adults often fly in and out of the nest as they gather food to feed the larvae.

  2. Remove the nests

    Take a putty knife and use gentle pressure to break the nests away from the surface they are attached to. Dispose of the nest and any larvae inside. Be cautious of insects that may fly out of the nest. Most insects do not return or cause problems for the individual doing the work.

  3. Wash away the remaining dirt

    Wet the surface to soften the remaining mud. Use a stiff brush, soap and water to scrub away any leftover dirt. Rinse the surface with water.

  4. Use spray pesticides

    Mud daubers prey on spiders. Use a pesticide to eliminate spiders and the mud daubers are likely to relocate to another area. Treat the location of the nest with wasp and hornet spray to discourage the insects from attempting to rebuild in the same location.