What Are Some Reviews on the Suzuki Jimmy 4x4?


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Reviews of the 2015 Suzuki Jimmy SUV are generally negative, with reviewers frequently citing the small space and cheap build quality as significant negatives. The Jimmy operates well off-road, but most reviewers feel it is simply too unrefined when comapred to SUVs from other manufacturers

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The Suzuki Jimmy is a small two-door SUV with four-wheel drive, powered in base form by a 1.3-liter engine. Most reviewers find this small engine decidedly underpowered under almost all driving conditions. The Jimmy's ride height is an advantage when operating off-road, but reviewers find that it impairs its handling on pavement and contributes to the vehicle's rough ride. The inexpensive materials used in this SUV's cabin are almost universally disliked by reviewers, though some concede that this is an intentional choice given the vehicle's intended use in off-road driving.

Reviewers do note some redeeming qualities about the Jimmy. Some reviewers find the high seating position of the Jimmy ideal for off-road driving, and the fuel economy of the Jimmy can be as high as 40 miles per gallon if the vehicle is used in two-wheel drive mode on the highway. Even the most negative reviewers acknowledge that the Jimmy's small size and four-wheel drive design give it the traction necessary to handle tough off-road conditions and to easily navigate in areas where larger SUVs might have difficulty, but most do not feel this is an adequate trade-off for the negatives of the Jimmy.

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